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A few posts on social media have shown the long term effects of wearing artificial nails. The artificial nails of all kinds look good, as long as the individual keeps wearing them. But a few people found that the natural nails underneath were in rather poor condition, and sensitive to the heat when they took a shower.

Of course this is quite rare, and does not occur when the nails are looked after properly. if we look after our nails, which is quite easy, then there is hardly a problem.

The people in these social media posts had made the mistake of removing the artificial nails incorrectly. They also left them on too long. And they did not use stick on nails that we we recommend.

Stick on nails have a gentle yet effective adhesive. This will not damage the natural nails underneath. Other forms of artificial nails are more permanent, very difficult to remove, and never give the natural nails a chance to breath or grow correctly.

Press on Nails Australia

Press on nails are easy to apply – just remove the tab and neatly push them into place. And they are easy to remove by soaking.

These press on nails should be removed once per week, and left off for a day so the natural nails can breath. Then they can be replaced with a new set of press on nails.

We recommend a healthy diet to keep the nails in good condition. This includes a good dose of biotin. We can get biotin from eggs, fish, nuts, and some vegetables.

Our glue on nails are healthy for the natural nails, using little in the way of chemicals, and being easy to remove on a weekly basis, allowing the natural nail some time to breath.

Pre Glued Nails Australia

Stick on nails are the modern and convenient way to have stylish nails, while keeping the natural nails underneath healthy.

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