Press On Nail Tip

A hassle-free instant manicure that allows for the extra length you crave. Apply our press-ons to give your nails a trendy or classic look that lasts up to 7 days. No glue needed. Say hello to beautiful nails in no time.


Wash hands with soap and water. Shape nails and push back cuticles. Use enclosed Prep Pad to ensure nails are clear from oils and residue. Make sure your nails are completely dry before application.
Pro Tips
Try Red Therapy Base Shield for MAGIC PRESS to fill nail ridges and protect natural nails from removal while extending the wear of MAGIC PRESS.
Using the number key located on the clear tab select artificial nail size for each toe. For optimal fit, the false nail should not exceed past the nail bed onto skin or cuticles. Peel off clear backing film to expose adhesive.
Pro Tips
If you are in between sizes always choose the smaller size for proper adhesion.
Align false nail with cuticle, making sure to place the clear tab side at cuticle. Press down firmly from center and side to side.
Pro Tips
If you are in between sizes always choose the smaller size for proper adhesion.

Avoid water for at least 1 hour after application. Avoid lotions or oils at least 2-3 hours before or after application. Artificial nail can be filed to desired length and shape after application. Nail should be filed on an angle, under nail not straight or on top. Nail adhesive is “pressure sensitive”- The more your press, the better the adhesion for longer wear. Not recommended to wear for longer than 7 days.


Create a gap using pedicure stick to gently lift cuticle side of nail away from your natural nail. Apply a drop of polish remover or cuticle oil between natural nail and MAGIC PRESS. Wait 1 minute and gently lift away the nail.