The Facts about Fingernails

  • In some part of the western world there are more women wearing artificial nails than their own natural nails. According to the Daily mail this is true of British women.
  • According to the same report the average women goes to the nail salon twice a month.
  • It is not uncommon for women to spend more on their nails than their hair.
  • The use of typewriters and later computers, phones, text messages and other persona devices, meant there was more wear on fingernails, and therefore more work had to be done to maintain them.
  • Many women report that they would always have a manicure or some false nails fitted right before a job interview.
  • On average women have their nails done twice a month.
  • Almost every women has wedding nails done, along with wedding makeup, facial, hair …etc.
  • While the most popular colour for nails remains red, at least for most city dwellers, there is a growing trend towards more decorated nails
  • The most popular manicure seems to be the French manicure. This features g a natural flesh like colour nail with a sharp transition to white edges.

Pre-glued nails make great looking artificial nails easier than ever.

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