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Shape of Nails

There are of course many different nail colours, and ways to decorate the nails with different designs. What is often overlooked till we sit down to apply the nails is the different nail shapes. As well as being long or short nails can have many different shapes. These are both stylistic choices and functional considerations.

Square Nails

These are rectangular nails with a square edge and parallel sides. They are popular fro those with short natural nails as they make nails, and fingers, appear longer.

They tend to have a strong, bold look.

Round Nails

These have straight sides with curved edges. They are rather like the ideal natural shape of a nail, only slightly longer. These nails are popular with those who like a shorter nails but wish to keep them very neat and natural looking.

Squoval Nails

A combination of square and oval, these are similar to square nails, but with softer, rounder edges and slightly tapered sides. They are how naturally long nails should look.

Oval Nails

These are similar to curved nails, except the sides are slightly tapered towards the edge.

Stiletto Nails

A dramatic-looking nail that tapers to a point at the edge. They are shaped like an almond.

Edge Nails

Also a dramatic-looking nail, but they taper to a softer-looking point than the stiletto. they are shaped like an arrowhead. They also have a raised ridge along the centre.

Ballerina Nails

These are longer nails that taper toward the edge, but they have a flat edge rather than a point. They are rather like elegant ballerina shoes.

Lipstick Nails

An eccentric-looking nail that has a slanted edge. They are named because they look like lipstick.

Flare Nails

In contrast to other nails, these have sides that tapper outward rather than inward. so they flare out, rather like a duck bill on a cartoon.

Of course, long nails can be inconvenient for some situations, and occasionally an asset. Long nails may be a hindrance for typing or manual work, perhaps an advantage when playing guitar.

Gel Nails At Home

Stick-on nails are a great modern way to have great-looking nails. Apply the acrylic nail straight to your natural nails and you’re done – no chemicals, no mess. And you can replace the nails every week. Choose whatever nail design suits the occasion

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