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Nails and Principles of Fashion

There are literally an infinite number of options when it comes to any form of creative design. There are literally an infinite number of ways to decorate nails. But most of these will never be tried, or never tried more than once, because the results are unattractive. This leads to the question, what makes for an attractive design?

There are several principles of design, including:

  • Emphasis – What is your design about? A bold colour? a shape? The contrast between the two colours? What do you want to put front and centre?
  • Balance, Symmetry, and alignment – Do we put the design in the centre of the space? occasionally we put it in the far corner or have two contrasting images side by side.
    Do we want it to be symmetrical, or deliberately off balance?
  • Contrast – A dark colour on a white background will contrast well, but not light blue on a medium blue background. Sometimes we want colours to fade into each other. More often we need some contrast.
  • Repetition – There will be some sense of repetition across the fingernails, either the same colour, or the same image. Perhaps different images with the same theme.
  • Proportion – Does the nail have an image that covers the entire surface, or just a tiny star in the corner? Perhaps a large and small element side by side.
  • Movement – Not usually an element in nails, but some images convey a sense of movement.
  • Negative space – This is the area left bare, or plain. The background on which the design is placed.

Nail Stickers Australia

Stick-on nails are the easiest way to have great nails. They are inexpensive and can be replaced to suit the occasion.

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