Nail Stickers Australia

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Nail Stickers Australia

Fancy designer nails were once the exclusive fashion option for the elite, or those with considerable time and skill on their hands. It took time to put an elaborate image on a nail. So either we paid a professional considerable money to do this, or we put a lot of time and effort into doing this ourselves. But fancy nails are now in the reach of everybody.

Adhesive nails are inexpensive and easy to apply. And they come pre-coloured and pre-decorated. They already have the fancy design, or just the right colour, straight out of the box. we can apply adhesive nail stickers whenever we want, an change them to suit out mood, or change them according to the occasion.

Stick on nails literally just attach to any clean natural nail. There are no separate adhesives, no chemicals needed to put them on. No mess, no fuss. We only need a brief chemical soak in nail polish remover when we take them off.

Stick on Nails can be worn for a week before they need replacing. We suggest leaving the natural nails bare for a day to allow them some time to breath. This is good for their long term health. Then put on a new set of adhesive nails.

Nail Stickers Australia

Nails stickers are the great option for those who want the fancy nails, or even just neat nails with the right colour, without any fuss or bother. Adhesive nails are for every fashion conscious person.

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