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How do I Look After My Finger Nails?

Nail Stickers

We all want nice-looking nails. This might mean fancy and decorative, or it might mean neat and sensible. Perhaps we change according to the occasion. One way to change nails to suit the occasion is to use Nail Stickers. These are great for short-term wear; they are good for about a week. So we can change them to suit the occasion. Have fancy for a formal night out or a friend’s wedding, have neat nails for the 9 to 5 office job. Find the nails that suit your lifestyle, occasion, or personal taste.

Pre Glued Nails

If we use pre-glued nails then we need to look after the natural nails underneath. Certainly, the stick-on nails will cover up a few imperfections of the natural nail. But it is much better to have healthy natural nails for the pre-glued nails to adhere to. We can keep short, healthy nails underneath and add artificial nails to suit the occasion.

Nail Stickers Advice

  • Don’t chew the nails. It helps stop chewing if we have acrylic nails. Wear gloves if this prevents biting.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Natural foods will help keep nails strong. Include a source of biotin.
  • Have one day a week where you leave the nail stickers off. This helps the natural nails breathe.
  • Use a nail strengthener. Use these on the days when you have the acrylic nails off.
  • Cover nails in coconut oil or Vaseline for an hour or two. This gives a neat cuticle and prevents the nails from flaking.

Nail Stickers Australia

Nails stickers are the modern way to have great nails, without all the fuss and bother of polish and chemicals. Change the nails to suit the occasion.

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