Healthy Natural Nails

Nail stickers, or other forms of artificial nails, can be used to cover up some less-than-perfect natural nails. But it is far better to have neat and healthy nails underneath and to use the stick-on nails entirely for decoration.

So how do we look after our natural nails?

Eat Healthily

This is the key to so many things in life. If we have a healthy diet it benefits everything from a good night’s sleep to the appearance of our skin and nails. When it comes to nails we should include some biotin in our diet (think eggs, fish, nuts) and plenty of healthy fats (think avocados, olive oil). Avoid junk food, and deep-fried food, and avoid as much processed food as possible.

Correct Filing

We all file or cut our nails as they grow. But if we file incorrectly we end up with nails that constantly split.
Avoid metal nail files as these tend to be too harsh and cause splitting. Emery boards are better. But only use these to file in one direction, preferable towards the centre of the nail. Filing the nails back and forth is another cause of splitting.


This is the joint between the nail and the skin on the finger. A neat-looking cuticle makes all the difference. Some cuticles get dry and start to peel, or they get infected and start to become detached. This is both unhealthy and untidy.

Coconut oil or Vaseline will make the cuticle softer and give a much neater-looking edge to the nail. If we apply these on a regular basis, perhaps twice per week, there should be no need for the cuticle to be trimmed.

We can gently push back the cuticle with an orange stick. This helps give us longer nails. The cuticle is easier to push back if it has been softened with coconut oil or Vaseline.


If the natural nails have points or sharp corners they will be inclined to break, and to look a little harsh. Softer curves look better and are more stable. Though if the natural nails are covered with stick-on nails this should not be an issue.

Nail Stickers Online Australia

Stick-on nails have so many advantages. They give us great-looking nails with minimal effort. And they will not cause trouble for the natural nail underneath. Best of all there is so many stick on nails designs to choose from, and we can change our nail design every week to suit the occasion, or simple suit our mood.

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