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Getting Those Almost Perfect Nails

Okay, so there is no such thing as absolutely perfect. But there are those things in life that are so much better than the alternatives. We may not find perfect hair, shoes, and nails, but every so often we get great hair, shoes, and nails. So why not aim for those great things all the time? We all know at least one person who seems to always have great nails, or at least always has great nails in public. It really seems to say that they are one of those individuals who have it all together, the nails just being the final detail. So how do they do it?

  • Treat hands and nails as you would your face – Your nails are part of your hands, and if the hands look bad then your great-looking nails are all but wasted.
    Put sunscreen on the back of your hands when outdoors. This slows down aging. Of course, we should always apply sunscreen on our face when outside too.
    Every week or two apply moisturizer to the hands and nails. to get better, healthier skin.
  • Maintain Cuticles – The Cuticle, where the nails join the finger, has to look neat and healthy. Apply cuticle oil, or at least some coconut oil, to keep them looking good. Never cut them.
  • Find the most flattering Nail Shapes – This one is subjective – you need the nail shape that suits your finger shape. Try a few options, and find the ones that just seem right. And remember that you might change these for formal or casual occasions. Instant nails/press-on nails allow you to change styles and colour easily.
  • Leave the nails in a natural state once per week – If we give the nails some time to breathe and soak up some moisturizer then they will stay healthy for much longer, perhaps decades longer. Instant nails/press-on nails make once-per-week nail changes easy.
  • Eat healthy, with nail nourishing supplements – Plenty of biotins, vitamin E, collagen and other minerals/trace elements will help give you thick, strong yet flexible nails. They also help hair and skin.
  • Never use nails as tools – Avoid the temptation to use nails to scrape fry pans clean, or to use them as screwdrivers. This will break them quickly, and it will take a few weeks for them to recover.
  • File Correctly – Use emery boards in one direction only to avoid split nails. Filing in two directions (back and forth) leads to nail splitting. Metal files also tend to cause splits.
  • Use instant adhesive nails – These are inexpensive and convenient. You can apply them in minutes for a completely new nail look, and then change them at the end of the week. As an added bonus we can leave the natural nails bare for a day, to give them a rest and keep them healthy.
    Pressing on nails is the modern solution.

Nail Stickers Australia

Instant press on nails is inexpensive, convenient, and healthy. Have new nails every week, and change them to suit the mood or occasion.

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