Gel Nails at Home

Easy Gel Nails At Home

The necessity of Gel Nails at Home

During the pandemic restrictions, our usual routines completely changed. Beauty routines, from getting a simple haircut to visiting a nail salon, were not deemed a priority. So many of these places simply shut their doors for several months. And we were either left to find an alternative way t look after our appearance, or left to look less than spectacular.

This situation encouraged some DIY practices – we found a way to do our own nails, and at least a few other beauty practices. In some cases this proved effective, so we stuck with a few of the new routines that we discovered.

The Best Gel Nails at Home

Gel nails used to be the type of thing we visited a salon for. They require a skillful application, three different coat layers, and UV light to harden. Those of us who wanted DIY nails at home would use stick-on acrylic nails, which many people did like. But that meant DIY home nails had only one option. But the advent of DIY nails changed this.

Some people like the hard, glossy look of gel nails. This can now be applied at home with DIY kits that include nails that are already 60% hardened. The nails simply stick on and are then briefly hardened with a UV light, which only takes a minute.

Gel nails at home have the same super hard, minimal damage quality as gel nails from a Salon. But best of all they have the same glossy appearance at a lower cost.

Semi-Cured Gel Nails at Home

Adhesive nails get great results with minimal effort. We can change them on a whim. Gel nails at home are the latest version.

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