Colour of Instant Nails Australia

– Colour of Instant Nails Australia

Instant Nails Australia
Stick on nails are extremely easy to use and convenient. We can change them every week to suit our mood, outfit or situation. And there is very little in the way of cleaning or maintenance. As long as we remove the nail at the end of the week by soaking in nail remover, and give our fingers a day’s break before applying the new nails, there should never be a problem.
Though it is hard to generalize the colour of the nails is part of their effect. Yet colours are often combined or feature more intricate designs, Nonetheless:

Orange –Optimistic, social, fun, positive, secure, stimulating.
Pink – Tranquil, sweet, playful, youthful, feminine, sensual.
Purple – Luxurious, regal, a little mysterious.
White – Pure, neat, sensible. A Good background for fancy designs.
Red – Strong, bold, energetic, perhaps dominate
Blue (dark) – Smart and sophisticated. Strong.
Silver – Futuristic. Effective with metal sheen or glitter. A party or Mardi Gras.
Gold metallic – Futuristic. Vivid and outgoing.
Yellow – Optimism, bright sunniness.
Brown – Warm, earthy, organic.
Green – Natural, stable. Another good background for gold
Grey – Neutral, sometimes bland. A good background for gold ornamentation.
Black – strength, but perhaps heavy and cold. Good for gothic looks.
Black and gold ornamentation. Elegant and strong.

Combinations of colours and designs give no end of possible combinations.

Press On Nails Australia
Stick on nails are the modern way to have long and fancy nails with minimal effort.

Colour of Instant Nails Australia

Colour of Instant Nails Australia

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