Nail Stickers Australia

Why People Love Nail Stickers

Press-on nails are artificial nails made of acrylic resin. They are pre-coloured, and sometimes pre-decorated with patterns, to give you great-looking fingernails.

Perhaps the best thing about nail stickers is that they are so easy to use. Simply remove the tab and press them into place. The adhesive is already on the nail. There are no chemicals or fumes at this point, and virtually no mess. The only chemical required is for removing the nails.

The stick-on nails should be removed at the end of the week. This gives the natural nail underneath the chance to breathe. You can apply a new set of stick-in nails the next day.

What are the advantages of Pre-glued Nails in Australia?

  • These nails are extremely affordable. Even though they are only used for a week or two they are less expensive than other nail options.
  • They don’t require any fancy upkeep for your nails. Keep your natural nails short and simply attach these stick-on nails.
  • They can be applied in just a few short minutes. No time wasted sitting in a salon or waiting for polish to dry.
  • No chemicals are needed for the application. Only a soak in acetone/remover when you take the nails off.
  • There are so many designs available.
  • You can easily change the nails to suit the occasion – fashion for the weekend out, sensible for working in the office, something strange for Halloween.
  • You can keep a collection of different nails, ready for all occasions. They last for years.

Nail Stickers Australia

Press-on Nails look great and are so easy and convenient to use. Keep a range of nails at home so you’re ready for any occasion.

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