Gel Nails at home

What We Need for Manicuring Nails

Fingers and Gel Nails at home

Our nails are one of those little details that reflect on us. Health nails tend to indicate a good state of health. And well groomed, decorated nails end to indicate that we look after our appearance.

All this is a touch more difficult than we sometimes realize. For one thing, our hands are exposed to a lot of germs, washing up liquid, and soap and sanitizer. And they receive a fair amount of Sun exposure. All this takes its toll on the fingers and nails. We often teel a person’s age by the wear on their hands and nails. Though if we take care we can have hands that look younger than we might expect.

Before Gel Nails at home

  • Manicures can exfoliate the skin, to remove dead cells and calluses
  • Clean nails can be free from fungal infections.
  • Grooming prevents damaged nails and broken skin.
  • Massage helps circulation, which helps hand function and reduces wrinkles in the long term.
  • This all seems to reduce stress.

Acrylic or Gel Nails at home

If we use adhesive stick-on nails then we can keep our natural nails both short and healthy. The stick-on nails provide the decoration when we need it. And they can be changed as the occasion changes – formal wear, daily wear, occasional costume party. We can even change the nails to suit our mood or the dress we wear. And we might remove them if we decide to do some woodwork or play the guitar.

Gel Nails at home

Stick-on nails come in a large variety of designs. They are simple to use and easy to remove. So change them weekly to suit the occasion.

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