Wedding Nail Stickers Australia

Wedding Nail Stickers Australia

There are more choices in wedding plans than we ever anticipate. Our nails might seem a trivial choice, but as they are part of the overall look of the bride so they will suddenly seem important when the big day approaches.

A few tips:

– Stay a little conservative with any wedding plans. Sure, be creative. But don’t be outlandish. Remember that you will be looking at the wedding photos for decades to come. Bear this in mind, so you don’t want anything that will be embarrassing in hindsight.
– Stick to natural colours for nails, and something that follows the theme and look of the dress and makeup.
– Pay attention to how your skin tone looks with certain colors. Some nail colours brighten skin tones while others can clash or make the skin look totally washed out.
– Get use to long nails before the wedding. It is a nightmare to find that you cannot do up a zip because you just had long nails put on! Stick withwhat is comfortable for you, or slowly increase nail size over a few month if you’ve never had long nails before.

– Natural nude skin colours
– Classic pink
– Millennial pink
– Pink with some fine glitter
– Champagne
– Classic French – pink with light tips
– All White
– White with gold trim or gold shapes
– White with silver trim or silver shapes

Pre Glued Nails Australia

Pre-glues adhesive nails may be the easy way to get nails, but this never means compromising on the look. On the contrary, you can see the style and colour of nail that you are getting in advance. And the nails are put on with so little effort, no chemicals, no waiting for the polish to dry.

Get the nails you always wanted, and get them changed for any occasion, with adhesive acrylic nails.

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