Gel Nails At Home

Step by Step Gel Nails At Home 

Gel Nails At Home

Quarantine affected us all to a greater or lesser extent. Many of us had to find ways to be more self-sufficient, to find ways to organize groceries, supplies and services that were previously provided for us. This became more of an imperative if our budget had been compromised too. In some cases, we found our regular beauty treatments had to be postponed because we couldn’t leave the home, or because we just simply couldn’t afford them when we weren’t working full time. In my case, I found that I had to do my own gel nails a home. Yet, there was an upside to this situation; I found that doing my own nails worked out surprisingly well. And now, after the lockdown is over, I have decided to continue doing my Gel nails at home, even though there are other options.

Press on Nails Australia

I have known about the ‘DIY at home’ options for nails and other products for a while. It’s just that in the past I preferred the salons. Perhaps the home handyman mentality was right all along – there is something satisfying in doing it ourselves.

Of course, there are a few options for Home Nails. Some will require tools, others require almost nothing.

Press on Nails – These are the simplest option, requiring no tools at all. We simply buy the press-on nails we like and stick them to our own fingernails. After a week we should remove them by soaking them in acetone. It is a good idea to leave our fingernails bare for a day before applying a new set of press-on nails. This seems to keep the natural nails significantly healthier.

Semi-Cured Gel Nails – The great thing about gel nails is their gloss look. This was something that was once only available at the salons. The salon application required a UV or LED light to properly cure the nail once it was applied. But semi-cured Nails can give a near identical result because they are also cured under the same type of small lamp.

If we want to use semi-cured gel nails at home, then we will need to buy a small UV lamp. This will cost perhaps $50 for a cheaper model, but the lamp will last for many years, so the long-term cost is very moderate, especially when compared to a visit to a professional nail salon.

Gel Nails At Home

Press-on Gel Nails At Home is a great way to get professional-looking results at home. Prices are low, so change your nails to suit the occasion.

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