Other types of Artificial Nail

Older types of artificial nails certainly could look good. But there were difficulties, and concerns that they were caused damage to the real nails.

Some things to know about modern false nails.

  • Start with health nails. If you nails are damages, if the surface is split, then adhesives and nail polish remover can cause severe irritation.
  • Shellac / Gel nails are durable, lasting up to a month. But there are problems. The UV light used to cure nails will cause age spots on the hands; it is similar to sunburn. And the nail polish removed dries out the skin of the fingers.
  • Artificial Nails that last a long time are not as advantageous as they seem. The fingernail underneath will continue to grow, leaving a gap where the nail meet the cuticle.
  • Cleaning products and pool chemicals will soak into nails, causing damage. Gloves can be used to prevent a lot of this chemical exposure.
  • You should apply cuticle oil to the nails twice daily to keep the real nail healthy.

Dashing Diva Magic Press

Our pre glued nails remove all the difficulties that previously occurred with false nails. They are easy to apply with the adhesive back. And they can be replaced weekly.

Artificial nails will need to be replaced after a week as the growing nail underneath will leave a gap near the cuticle. 

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