Nails Tips From Skin Specialists

Artificial nails are great if your natural nails are too short; they give you long nails in no time at all. They are also great if you like intricate designs. But older types of artificial nails are rather hard on the natural nails underneath.

Older types of artificial nails required the underlying natural nail to be roughened in order for the glue to properly adhere. The invariable thins and weakens the nails. Chemicals involved in the solvents and glue that attach artificial nails are also pretty harsh on the skin and nails, often causing irritation and drying. This becomes worse if the artificial nails need to be removed.

Dermatologist suggest a few habits to reduce the problems with nails.

– Soak off gel nails are easier to remove.
– Gel nails are more flexible, so they are less likely to cause cracking or tear the underlying nail if you have an accident.
– Avoid any treatment that used UV light to harden nails. This is very harsh on skin, and causes aging and discoloration. Look for LED light treatments.
– Avoid having your cuticle (the skin at the back of the nail) cut. This cutting tend to cause dryness and leave the finger open to infection. The cuticle also tends to grow back in a rough, uneven manner.

You can have the cuticle pushes back instead of trimmed. Pre-soaking the nails in warm water makes this much easier.

You can care for the cuticle by applying cuticle oil, Vaseline, or natural coconut oil. Coconut oil, applied regularly, will give a nice neat look to the cuticle. Is also good for the skin and helps prevent fungal problems. Apply before bedtime.

Stick on nails Australia

Stick on nails avoid all the common problems and drawbacks of other artificial nails. They are designed to be used for about a week, after which they are easy to remove with a little nail polish remover.
Best of all these press on nails come on countless designs, so you can choose the right look for the right occasion.

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