Easy Nail Wrap Application

Nail Wrap Australia

At Dashing Diva we love nail art. But we also understand that sometimes you don’t have the time to give yourself a good manicure. You want the look, the Manicure that will complete your outfit for the day. Dashing Diva Nail Wraps are perfect for you, they just take around 5 minutes & look great; giving you an eye-catching Mani that everyone will talk about. The best part is that it will only take minutes to do it! So cool, right?

Maybe you’re just starting out in nail art and want to see different looks on your nails. Dashing Diva Wraps got you covered. Breezy, quick, eye-catching, premium quality nail wraps that will make you stand out from your crowd. Get wrapped with Dashing Diva.

How to apply your Dashing Diva Wraps

Step 1.

Clean unpolished nails with an alcohol wipe and push back your cuticles.

Step 2.

Match your nail to the nail wrap size that fits best.

Step 3.

Peel off nail wrap and warm it with a mini heater or blow-dryer for 3-5 seconds, or until soft and flexible.

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