Nail Trends 2019

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Some of us like to decorate our nails to suit the occasion. But this would mean changing our nail design every time a new occasion comes along. We could try to achieve this with nail polish, but each new design would take considerable time to produce. An easier option would be to use stick-on-nails. These can be worn for a week, and then changed with minimal effort.

Some popular recent nail design trends we have seen.

CD Nails – the nails have a holographic sheen, like the surface of a CD. This is particularity effective with an electric blue and clean colour scheme.

Pearls – glue a few pearls on your nails. 

Pop art – paint cartoon faces or bold designs on your nails. Anything from Picasso to Easter designs can work well.

Greek Key – decorating the free edge of the nail with a square spiral

Bubble-gum Pink – A more simple option. Both natural and vivid at the same time.

Blue Glitter – perhaps not new, but this really look good with some fashion conscious styles. Chrome blue is a good option here.

Plaid Match – plaid nails, simple cross patterns, can be made to suit the designer plaid outfit.

Natural nail art- the preserves the natural colour of the nail, but adds a small design, like flower, olive branch, key … etc.

Natural glitter – a little glitter is artistically added to a natural coloured nail.

Leopard pink – leopard coloured spots on a pink background.

Stick on Nails Australia

Acrylic stick on nails are a great option for so many reasons. They are healthier than painting nails, they do not require curing lights or harsh chemical adhesives, and they are easy to remove and replace, so you can change you nail design every week.

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