Keeping Press On Nails Australia

Keeping Press On Nails Australia

Press on nails are becoming increasingly popular because that look great and are so easy to use. And because we replace them once a week we can also change our nail style once per week. It as easy as changing our outfit. This also gives our natural nails a rest. Unlike other forms of artificial nail there is little concern about keeping press on nails, because we already know that they be replaced at the end of the week.

But those of us with artificial nails would like to keep them in place, if not permanently then at least till the next scheduled replacement. A few good habits will prevent us from prematurely losing a nail.

• Choose nails that are a suitable length. Really long nails might be an issue if you are playing a musical instrument, typing, or for some sports.
• Gradually get use to the length of the nails. If you suddenly have long nails after being use to the short variety then you will find they constantly seem to get in the way. There are many anecdotes about people getting long nails for a wedding or formal event, and suddenly finding that they cannot do up the buttons on their clothes!
• Wear waterproof gloves when doing any housework, especially washing. And wear gloves if you want to do some gardening.

• Keep hands dry especially after working. This prevents the spread of bacteria. Some alcohol swab after working can be helpful. A soft bristle brush is also helpful.
• Avoid long hot baths, or at least keep the hands out of the water.
• Don’t even think about using nails as tools or to open food packets. You will damage something pretty quickly.

• Keep hands moisturized.
• Avoid trimming the cuticle. This can lead us open to infections. Just put oil or Vaseline on the cuticle and it will be neat, tidy and of medium length. Coconut oil is a good option for cuticles.
• When the nails are off for a day at the end of the week it is good to apply some oil to keep the natural nails heathy and flexible.
• Some healthy vitamins, zinc and biotin will go a long way to keeping the natural nails healthy

Press on nails Australia
Acrylic nails that we replace once per week are a great option. It means the nails never get old enough to be look worn, that we can change our nail design depending on out mood or the occasion. And it gives our natural nails a day’s rest once per week.
Look at the range of stick on nails available, you will be spoilt for choice.

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