Facts and False Nails

There are a few myth and a few facts about fingernails in popular culture. This is some interesting trivia that is true to the best of our present knowledge.

  • Finger nails protect the ends of our fingers
  • Without nails our fingers would probably be more sensitive.
  • Fingernails, and skin and hair, while all quite different, all contain keratin and collagen.
  • People have been observed biting nails (and sucking thumbs) since a very young age. About half the people in Western culture never fully outgrow this habit.
  • There was a myth that fingernails continue to after you die (the same myth applies to hair). But this is false. The nails and hair only seem to grow because the skin will shrink after death.
  • Men’s nails seem to grow slightly faster than women’s nails.
  • Fingernails grow about 2-3 mm per month
  • Toenails grow at about half the rate of other nails.
  • The nails grow slightly faster in the summer.
  • If a finger nail is lost entirely it will take about 6 month to fully grow back. Toenails take twice as along.
  • Nails will grow faster on the dominant hand; faster on the right hand of right handed people. 
  • Nail polish removes is actually unhealthy for nails, because it weakens and dries nails. But using polish remover one or twice a month is acceptable.
  • Artificial nails are the most popular nail-salon treatment, followed by a French Manicure.
  • A change in the colour of your nails can say a lot about your health. Anything from eye conditions to diabetes will show in your nails.

Wedding Nails

Many women have their nails done for special occasions. Pre glued nails makes the addition of coloured false nails much easier.

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