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DIY Nails for Today

These days more and more people prefer to do their own nails. At the same time, we have seen impressive results from professional nail salons, and our expectations have been raised. So we want equally impressive results from our DIY nails.

If you want great nails without paying for salon treatment or enduring a long application routine then nail stickers may be the best option.

The Nail Wrap Australia Loves

Stick-on nails are perfect for those who have a professional taste but do not have the patience for a professional salon treatment. They are premade nails with their own design, cut to size to fit over your natural nails. These nail wraps simply attach over your real nails, needing no chemicals for application, and no time for drying. They are as simple as putting on jewelry.

Nail wraps are designed to last about a week. This means it is easy to change the design as the occasion suits. There are designs for formal occasions, daily wear, fancy dress, or casual social situations. It is easy to find nail wraps to suit the outfit you wear and your personal taste.

Safe Nail Wrap

Stick-on nails are safe at many levels. Firstly, there are no chemicals needed for the application and no UV light to damage your skin (which other types of artificial nails may use). You may use nail polish removed to take the old nails off, but this is not harmful, being acetone, which is organic and occurs in the human body. The nails can also be removed by soaking in hot soapy water.

Secondly, the stick on nails will not block the breathing of the natural. We can remove the nail wrap to let the natural nail breathe.
Thirdly, because the nails are not rigidly attached they will not damage the natural nail if they are accidentally caught. The wrap will come off without taking the natural nail with them.

Nail Stickers Online Australia

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