Semi-Cured Gel Nails

Christmas Time – Gifts and Seasonal Style

Semi-Cured Gel Nails

Part of Christmas is dressing up for the occasion. Not that we are suggesting that this ever takes precedence over presents, catering or decorating a tree, but dressing up is part of the atmosphere. And there is a great deal of flexibility in dressing up for Christmas. Being a silly part animal or looking suave, sparkle and tinsel or evening gowns and champagne, it’s all fine.

Our fingernails may not be the most noticed aspect of how we dress at Christmas, but it’s still something we can be creative with. And people probably would notice if we dressed for the occasion and left our nails bare.

Some Christmas Semi-Cured Gel Nails Ideas

  • Classic Red Nails. Red is the colour of Santa and so many other Christmas things. Can’t go wrong with red.
  • Classic Red with some white, to give a snow effect.
  • Match the nails to the jewellery. This works in any season, but at Christmas, we probably match the items with a festive theme.
  • Green, white and gold trim look oddly Christmassy. Be suitably attired but different to everybody else.
  • Sparkles on almost any colour Look Christmassy.
  • Stars and diamonds on any nails, perhaps with gold trim.
  • Stars and diamonds on glossy red.
  • Metallic nails.
  • French ombre nails. These have red tips on a natural base.

The great thing about stick-on nails is that they are only there for about a week. So we can have appropriate nails for Christmas, replace them with something different for the rest of the vacation, and then have something different again when we go back to work.

Semi-Cured Gel Nails as Gifts

The presents we receive at Christmas should serve us all year round. Giving somebody the right set of stick-on nails, or Semi-Cured Gel Nails could be a fine gift idea, as long as the nails suit the individual taste of the recipient. But if you’re unsure, a gift voucher is a safe bet.

Shop Semi-Cured Gel Nails at Dashing Diva Australia

Try different nails for different occasions. Stick-on nails can be replaced weekly. Semi-cured gel nails are salon quality.

Gel Nails at Home

Options for Gel Nails at Home

Why Gel Nails at Home

Covid lockdown meant that we left the house less often, and got used to doing many things for ourselves at home. Having our nails done many not have been a priority during the lockdown, but there was no reason not to do our nails. And if anything, we tended to have more time the usual because we rarely went out. So doing your own nails was something of an obvious task during the pandemic.

Doing Traditional Gel Nails at Home

There are a few options for DIY nails. One is to do the whole process yourself.

  • Completely remove all the natural oil from your nail. Unfortunately, natural oils will prevent the gel polish from lasting. So we must clean the nails in acetone, leaving them completely dry.
  • Shape the nails to a slightly rounded square shape. A 180 grit emery board is good for this.
  • Roughen the top of each nail slightly with the emery board. Cover the entire surface, because any smooth surface tends to cause the polish to flake off.
  • Use cuticle softener to remove any dead skin off the nail plate. Leave this on for 1-2 minutes.
  • Now push the cuticle back with the appropriately named cuticle pusher. And scrape any remaining edges of the cuticle off the nail.
  • Any dead skin on the cuticle should now be trimmed. There are various tools for this. Just make sure not to remove any living skin tissue.
  • Apply two coats of non-acid nail primer. When dry, this can be cured with an LED light.
  • Choose the final colour of the nail, and apply two coats. Cure this under the LED lamp.
  • One the nails are well and truly cured, apply cuticle oil. Continue to apply this oil several times per day. This prevents brittle nails.

Stick On Gel Nails at Home

The traditional gel nails are rather tedious to apply. We can understand why so many people preferred to have them done at a professional clinic. But there is a very satisfying alternative, which offers some advantages.

Stick-on gel nails can be applied to our natural nails in a minute or two. As long as the nails are clean there should be no problems. And not only is this quick (not requiring drying time), it is also healthier for the natural nail. This is because it avoids the use of chemicals in the application, though we do need acetone to remove the nails when we are finished with them.

We should wear stick-on gel nails for about a week, and then remove them by soaking them in acetone. Leave the natural nails bare for at least a day, so they can breathe.

Gel Nails at Home

Stick-on gel nails give great results with minimal effort. No drying time or waiting, fit them in a few minutes. Have a new set every week.

Semi-Cured Gel Nails Gel Nails at Home

SemiGloss Gel – A Different Nail

Why Gel Nails at Home are Popular

It is a common experience to see some instant nails on sale and buy them to try, just to see for ourselves. We have all seen enough gimmicks and short-term trends come and go to be skeptical of these new cosmetic products. It’s just that when people try instant nails they tend to use them again. This is why they stick around and haven’t become a lost trend. People like these nails because they look great and are simple to use.

Stick on Gel Nails take this popular product a step further. Gel nails were once the exclusive domain of expensive salon services. They were applied by professionals and then hardened to a super glossy finish with UV light. Semi-Cured Gel Nails at home give us the same result as a salon but at a fraction of the time and cost.

Why Semi-Cured Gel Nails at Home Are Different

If you are used to other stick-on-nail products then Semi-Cured Gel Nails will need some explanation. Other stick-on-nails literally stick in place on each natural fingernail. As long as the nail is clean and dry, that is the whole procedure. Semi-Cured Gel Nails require an additional step. They must be hardened under UV light to give a glossy finish.

Adhesive nails at home always made things easier. But now we have a glamorous option, the Semi-Cured Gel Nails, that is suitable for special occasions. And they only take slightly longer to apply than the regular super quick adhesive nails.

Gel Nails at Home with Dashing Diva

Adhesive nails are super effective and super easy to use. Dashing Diva’s gel nails are easy to apply at home.
Find out more to get your gel nails done right.

Semi-Cured Gel Nail

Gel Nails Compared to Acryllic Nails

Acrylic and Gel Nails at Home

Artificial nails exist in several options. These have all been popular for years. They proved so much more impressive than simply applying nail polish to nails that were grown naturally. For one thing, they are instant – it takes months to grow long nails. For another, we know what we are getting when we apply any type of artificial nail.

Older Gel Nails

Gel nails have been around for several years. They were made with a three-layer process, consisting of a base coat, nail polish, and a top coat over the natural nails. Ultraviolet light (UV) was used to harden each layer as it was applied, taking about 1 minute for each layer. The result is a glossy, freshly manicured look.
Gel nails can be used on just the natural nail, or on an extended nail.

Acrylic Nails.

These are made of a combination of Liquid and powder that are set hard on the nail surface. The hardened nail is then filed to shape, and given colour with nail polish and a top coat.

Gel nails can be applied in less time, and look quite natural. At one point they could only be done in a salon, but take-home kits changed this.

Gel nails will last about two weeks, and can be removed by soaking in acetone.

Stick on Acrylic Nails

Adhesive nails are artificial, but not at all permanent. They are a pre-coloured acrylic nails with a peel and stick adhesive back. We apply them to the nails, the process only takes a minute, and remove them at the end of the week.

Because of the short-term life, we can change these nails to suit our mood.

New Semi-Cured Gel Nails at Home

These are also adhesive nails, but they are gel-based not acrylic. They still require a UV lamp to harden to a shiny finish, but they come 60% pre-hardened, so the UV light is mild and the process takes less than a minute.

These nails are super hard, so they resist most damage, and they have the same shiny appeal as gel nails from a salon.

Semi-Cured Gel Nails at Home

Adhesive nails get great results with minimal effort. We can change them on a whim. Semi-cured gel nails are the latest version.

Gel Nails at home

What We Need for Manicuring Nails

Fingers and Gel Nails at home

Our nails are one of those little details that reflect on us. Health nails tend to indicate a good state of health. And well groomed, decorated nails end to indicate that we look after our appearance.

All this is a touch more difficult than we sometimes realize. For one thing, our hands are exposed to a lot of germs, washing up liquid, and soap and sanitizer. And they receive a fair amount of Sun exposure. All this takes its toll on the fingers and nails. We often teel a person’s age by the wear on their hands and nails. Though if we take care we can have hands that look younger than we might expect.

Before Gel Nails at home

  • Manicures can exfoliate the skin, to remove dead cells and calluses
  • Clean nails can be free from fungal infections.
  • Grooming prevents damaged nails and broken skin.
  • Massage helps circulation, which helps hand function and reduces wrinkles in the long term.
  • This all seems to reduce stress.

Acrylic or Gel Nails at home

If we use adhesive stick-on nails then we can keep our natural nails both short and healthy. The stick-on nails provide the decoration when we need it. And they can be changed as the occasion changes – formal wear, daily wear, occasional costume party. We can even change the nails to suit our mood or the dress we wear. And we might remove them if we decide to do some woodwork or play the guitar.

Gel Nails at home

Stick-on nails come in a large variety of designs. They are simple to use and easy to remove. So change them weekly to suit the occasion.

nail stickers australia nail wrap australia

Health Advantages of Nail Sticker Australia

It seems whenever we add something artificial to our lives there seem to be questions about how it affects our health. This is a fair concern. But some artificial things are perfectly safe, and it’s great if they add something to our life, even if it is just making us feel good about how we feel.

Some artificial nails use UV light as part of their application. This UV light is a mixed blessing. It does kill germs on the skin, but it also causes damage, much like Sunburn. It is best to avoid this if possible.

Other artificial nail systems use strong chemicals such as methacrylate. This can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Apparently, it is not uncommon, affecting about 2.5 % of people. What this chemical does to other people in the long term is not known, but the risk seems to be to the beauty nail technicians rather than the person who wears the nails.

Stick-on nails have virtually no risk of causing allergies or health issues. The acrylic nails simply stick to the natural nails, where they stay for a week. As long as the natural nails are healthy then there are no issues.

Stick-on nails do away with all the time and effort needed for other artificial nails. They even take less time than painting natural nails. Stick-on nails are pre-decorated, either with solid colours or fancy designs. So you just find the design you like and wear them. Change the style to suit the occasion of your mood.

Nail Stickers Australia

Have the style of the nail that suits your mood, or the event you attend. Stick-on nails are easy to use, have countless designs, and always look great.

Nail Stickers Australia nail wrap australia

Some Nail Concerns

Almost all of us do something with our nails, or at least want to do something with them. At the very least we get a manicure because we want the natural nails to look neat. But more often we want that coloured and styled look. This means nail polish on our natural nails, which requires considerable upkeep. Or it means finding the right type of artificial nails. Artificial nails end up being more popular because they give guaranteed results.

Nail Stickers are one of the most popular ways to get those great-looking nails. And they achieve it with minimal effort.

Why Nail Stickers Australia?

Nail stickers are pre-made from acrylic, and pre-coloured, perhaps with an elaborate design. So it is a simple matter to find the style of press on nails you like from the wide range available, and then apply them when needed.

Press on Nails simply fit in place over a clean fingernail. The adhesive is on the back of the nail stickers, so you remove the plastic tap and put the nail in place.

Pressing on nails means no need for nail polish, and no need to remove old polish. Your fingernails will need very little upkeep. You just reapply a new set of nails once per week and give your natural nails some time to breathe. The older set of nail stickers can be easily removed by soaking the ends of your fingers in acetone. Or if you prefer to avoid chemicals you can soak them in hot water. After about two weeks the older press-on nails tend to come off on their own.

Press on Nails gives us the great nails we want with such little trouble. Change nails to suit the occasion or just your mood.

Nail Stickers Australia

Nails and Principles of Fashion

There are literally an infinite number of options when it comes to any form of creative design. There are literally an infinite number of ways to decorate nails. But most of these will never be tried, or never tried more than once, because the results are unattractive. This leads to the question, what makes for an attractive design?

There are several principles of design, including:

  • Emphasis – What is your design about? A bold colour? a shape? The contrast between the two colours? What do you want to put front and centre?
  • Balance, Symmetry, and alignment – Do we put the design in the centre of the space? occasionally we put it in the far corner or have two contrasting images side by side.
    Do we want it to be symmetrical, or deliberately off balance?
  • Contrast – A dark colour on a white background will contrast well, but not light blue on a medium blue background. Sometimes we want colours to fade into each other. More often we need some contrast.
  • Repetition – There will be some sense of repetition across the fingernails, either the same colour, or the same image. Perhaps different images with the same theme.
  • Proportion – Does the nail have an image that covers the entire surface, or just a tiny star in the corner? Perhaps a large and small element side by side.
  • Movement – Not usually an element in nails, but some images convey a sense of movement.
  • Negative space – This is the area left bare, or plain. The background on which the design is placed.

Nail Stickers Australia

Stick-on nails are the easiest way to have great nails. They are inexpensive and can be replaced to suit the occasion.

Nail Stickers Australia

Getting Those Almost Perfect Nails

Okay, so there is no such thing as absolutely perfect. But there are those things in life that are so much better than the alternatives. We may not find perfect hair, shoes, and nails, but every so often we get great hair, shoes, and nails. So why not aim for those great things all the time? We all know at least one person who seems to always have great nails, or at least always has great nails in public. It really seems to say that they are one of those individuals who have it all together, the nails just being the final detail. So how do they do it?

  • Treat hands and nails as you would your face – Your nails are part of your hands, and if the hands look bad then your great-looking nails are all but wasted.
    Put sunscreen on the back of your hands when outdoors. This slows down aging. Of course, we should always apply sunscreen on our face when outside too.
    Every week or two apply moisturizer to the hands and nails. to get better, healthier skin.
  • Maintain Cuticles – The Cuticle, where the nails join the finger, has to look neat and healthy. Apply cuticle oil, or at least some coconut oil, to keep them looking good. Never cut them.
  • Find the most flattering Nail Shapes – This one is subjective – you need the nail shape that suits your finger shape. Try a few options, and find the ones that just seem right. And remember that you might change these for formal or casual occasions. Instant nails/press-on nails allow you to change styles and colour easily.
  • Leave the nails in a natural state once per week – If we give the nails some time to breathe and soak up some moisturizer then they will stay healthy for much longer, perhaps decades longer. Instant nails/press-on nails make once-per-week nail changes easy.
  • Eat healthy, with nail nourishing supplements – Plenty of biotins, vitamin E, collagen and other minerals/trace elements will help give you thick, strong yet flexible nails. They also help hair and skin.
  • Never use nails as tools – Avoid the temptation to use nails to scrape fry pans clean, or to use them as screwdrivers. This will break them quickly, and it will take a few weeks for them to recover.
  • File Correctly – Use emery boards in one direction only to avoid split nails. Filing in two directions (back and forth) leads to nail splitting. Metal files also tend to cause splits.
  • Use instant adhesive nails – These are inexpensive and convenient. You can apply them in minutes for a completely new nail look, and then change them at the end of the week. As an added bonus we can leave the natural nails bare for a day, to give them a rest and keep them healthy.
    Pressing on nails is the modern solution.

Nail Stickers Australia

Instant press on nails is inexpensive, convenient, and healthy. Have new nails every week, and change them to suit the mood or occasion.

Healthy Natural Nails

Nail stickers, or other forms of artificial nails, can be used to cover up some less-than-perfect natural nails. But it is far better to have neat and healthy nails underneath and to use the stick-on nails entirely for decoration.

So how do we look after our natural nails?

Eat Healthily

This is the key to so many things in life. If we have a healthy diet it benefits everything from a good night’s sleep to the appearance of our skin and nails. When it comes to nails we should include some biotin in our diet (think eggs, fish, nuts) and plenty of healthy fats (think avocados, olive oil). Avoid junk food, and deep-fried food, and avoid as much processed food as possible.

Correct Filing

We all file or cut our nails as they grow. But if we file incorrectly we end up with nails that constantly split.
Avoid metal nail files as these tend to be too harsh and cause splitting. Emery boards are better. But only use these to file in one direction, preferable towards the centre of the nail. Filing the nails back and forth is another cause of splitting.


This is the joint between the nail and the skin on the finger. A neat-looking cuticle makes all the difference. Some cuticles get dry and start to peel, or they get infected and start to become detached. This is both unhealthy and untidy.

Coconut oil or Vaseline will make the cuticle softer and give a much neater-looking edge to the nail. If we apply these on a regular basis, perhaps twice per week, there should be no need for the cuticle to be trimmed.

We can gently push back the cuticle with an orange stick. This helps give us longer nails. The cuticle is easier to push back if it has been softened with coconut oil or Vaseline.


If the natural nails have points or sharp corners they will be inclined to break, and to look a little harsh. Softer curves look better and are more stable. Though if the natural nails are covered with stick-on nails this should not be an issue.

Nail Stickers Online Australia

Stick-on nails have so many advantages. They give us great-looking nails with minimal effort. And they will not cause trouble for the natural nail underneath. Best of all there is so many stick on nails designs to choose from, and we can change our nail design every week to suit the occasion, or simple suit our mood.

Nail Stickers Australia

Shape of Nails

There are of course many different nail colours, and ways to decorate the nails with different designs. What is often overlooked till we sit down to apply the nails is the different nail shapes. As well as being long or short nails can have many different shapes. These are both stylistic choices and functional considerations.

Square Nails

These are rectangular nails with a square edge and parallel sides. They are popular fro those with short natural nails as they make nails, and fingers, appear longer.

They tend to have a strong, bold look.

Round Nails

These have straight sides with curved edges. They are rather like the ideal natural shape of a nail, only slightly longer. These nails are popular with those who like a shorter nails but wish to keep them very neat and natural looking.

Squoval Nails

A combination of square and oval, these are similar to square nails, but with softer, rounder edges and slightly tapered sides. They are how naturally long nails should look.

Oval Nails

These are similar to curved nails, except the sides are slightly tapered towards the edge.

Stiletto Nails

A dramatic-looking nail that tapers to a point at the edge. They are shaped like an almond.

Edge Nails

Also a dramatic-looking nail, but they taper to a softer-looking point than the stiletto. they are shaped like an arrowhead. They also have a raised ridge along the centre.

Ballerina Nails

These are longer nails that taper toward the edge, but they have a flat edge rather than a point. They are rather like elegant ballerina shoes.

Lipstick Nails

An eccentric-looking nail that has a slanted edge. They are named because they look like lipstick.

Flare Nails

In contrast to other nails, these have sides that tapper outward rather than inward. so they flare out, rather like a duck bill on a cartoon.

Of course, long nails can be inconvenient for some situations, and occasionally an asset. Long nails may be a hindrance for typing or manual work, perhaps an advantage when playing guitar.

Gel Nails At Home

Stick-on nails are a great modern way to have great-looking nails. Apply the acrylic nail straight to your natural nails and you’re done – no chemicals, no mess. And you can replace the nails every week. Choose whatever nail design suits the occasion

Under Nails

Nail Stickers Australia

A few posts on social media have shown the long term effects of wearing artificial nails. The artificial nails of all kinds look good, as long as the individual keeps wearing them. But a few people found that the natural nails underneath were in rather poor condition, and sensitive to the heat when they took a shower.

Of course this is quite rare, and does not occur when the nails are looked after properly. if we look after our nails, which is quite easy, then there is hardly a problem.

The people in these social media posts had made the mistake of removing the artificial nails incorrectly. They also left them on too long. And they did not use stick on nails that we we recommend.

Stick on nails have a gentle yet effective adhesive. This will not damage the natural nails underneath. Other forms of artificial nails are more permanent, very difficult to remove, and never give the natural nails a chance to breath or grow correctly.

Press on Nails Australia

Press on nails are easy to apply – just remove the tab and neatly push them into place. And they are easy to remove by soaking.

These press on nails should be removed once per week, and left off for a day so the natural nails can breath. Then they can be replaced with a new set of press on nails.

We recommend a healthy diet to keep the nails in good condition. This includes a good dose of biotin. We can get biotin from eggs, fish, nuts, and some vegetables.

Our glue on nails are healthy for the natural nails, using little in the way of chemicals, and being easy to remove on a weekly basis, allowing the natural nail some time to breath.

Pre Glued Nails Australia

Stick on nails are the modern and convenient way to have stylish nails, while keeping the natural nails underneath healthy.

Great Stick On Nails

Press On Nail Stickers Australia

Press On Nail stickers are artificial nails that attach over the natural nail. They are made of acrylic resin, which is pre-coloured and perhaps decorated with a stylish pattern, with a peel and stick underside.

The big advantage of these stick on nails is the convenience, which is achieved without any compromise to the fashionable look. We no longer need to make an appointment at the salon, or spend an hour at home applying and colouring false nails. We just choose and attach the nails we want.

Advantages of Stick on Nails Australia

  • Very affordable. It’s only a few dollars for a set, which last a week.
  • Super quick and easy. A full set can be applied in ten minutes or less. And it requires no equipment.
  • You can apply them on the way to an event.
  • They do not harm the natural nails underneath.
  • They are easy to remove with by soaking in nail polish remover (acetone)
  • It is a simple matter to change the nails to suit the occasion. Formal nails for a night out, neat sensible nails for the office.
  • There is a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Nail Stickers Australia

Adhesive nails are the convenient and healthy way to have great nails whenever you need them. Have the right nails for any and every occasion.

Nail Stickers Australia

Modern Nails

Nail Stickers Australia

Fancy designer nails were once the exclusive fashion option for the elite, or those with considerable time and skill on their hands. It took time to put an elaborate image on a nail. So either we paid a professional considerable money to do this, or we put a lot of time and effort into doing this ourselves. But fancy nails are now in the reach of everybody.

Adhesive nails are inexpensive and easy to apply. And they come pre-coloured and pre-decorated. They already have the fancy design, or just the right colour, straight out of the box. we can apply adhesive nail stickers whenever we want, an change them to suit out mood, or change them according to the occasion.

Stick on nails literally just attach to any clean natural nail. There are no separate adhesives, no chemicals needed to put them on. No mess, no fuss. We only need a brief chemical soak in nail polish remover when we take them off.

Stick on Nails can be worn for a week before they need replacing. We suggest leaving the natural nails bare for a day to allow them some time to breath. This is good for their long term health. Then put on a new set of adhesive nails.

Nail Stickers Australia

Nails stickers are the great option for those who want the fancy nails, or even just neat nails with the right colour, without any fuss or bother. Adhesive nails are for every fashion conscious person.