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Nail Stickers Australia

Many of us like those longer painted nails. But have been warned against the damage they do to our natural nails underneath.

Press on nails avoid the problems that may occur with permanent artificial nails. The nails underneath stay healthy. And the Press On Nails can be easily removed at any time. We suggest leaving them off for one day per week to give the natural nails some breathing space.

Some Problems with other forms of Artificial Nails:

  • The surface of the natural nail must be roughened, filed down at least slightly, for the artificial nails to properly adhere. This thins the nails
  • Many other types of artificial nails can only be removed by soaking in acetone for extended periods. This can be harsh.
  • Many artificial nails need a touch-up every few week, because a gap develops between the cuticle and the artificial nail.
  • Some type of artificial nails need to be cured (hardened) with UV light. This is harsh on skin, basically causing sunburn and skin aging. More modern LED cured nails are an improvement.

Press On Nail Stickers Australia

Adhesive acrylic nails are the easy solution for great looking nails. The nails are already coloured and shaped to fit. So just choose the nail design you like and fit them in place. There is no fuss, and no mess to speak of.

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