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Having attractive nails is more than just a social trend, and certainly not a recent fashion. Ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures went to great lengths to maintain long nails, at least for the affluent women in society. Other cultures and social classes decorated their nails when it was possible. It seems instinctual that people find nails attractive and important enough to decorate.

Today we can achieve great-looking nails with a lot less trouble than our ancestors. False nails, which have existed in one form or another for centuries, are easier to apply than ever. Modern Acrylic nails can be fitted in a matter of minutes, giving us longer or just better-looking nails in no time at all.

Stick-on nails are super easy to use. They require no extra adhesive, and no messy chemicals to apply. Just remove the backing and fix the nail in place, and it’s done.

Stick-on adhesive nails should be replaced once per week, and the nail left bare for a day. This gives the natural nail some time to breathe, meaning it remains healthy. we can then replace the precious nails with either the same design, or something different to suit our mood, or just to keep things changing.

The stick-on nails can be removed by soaking the fingertips in acetone nail polish remover. This is the only chemical needed with modern adhesive nails.

The ease of applying adhesive nails means we can have different nails to suit the occasion. we are not stuck with one style all week, we can have formal when we go out on Saturday and have sensible nails at the office during the week. And we can do something different again for Halloween or a friend’s wedding. Match the nails to your outfit or hairstyle.

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Stick-on Nails are all about convenience, without compromising appearance or the health of our natural nails. Have a look at all the nail options available.

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