Accessorising with Instant Nails

One of the great things about instant nails is that we can change them so easily. We are expected to change them once per week, so it is no problems at all to change the nails style to suit the occasion. But of course fashion and style are about the overall effect; how the elements of our outfit, accessories and nails work together to be coherent, or occasionally clash. So how should we go about accessorising with instant nails?

Instant Nails Australia
Scarfs – We can get a scarf in the same vivid colours as our nails.
Wallets and purses – A generation ago we either have leather purses or we went with plastic. But now we can get vivid colours purses and handbags with eel skin. Vivid handbags that exactly match our vivid nails are especially effective.
Lipstick and nails – An old trick, but it’s so versatile that many keep using it – match the shade of lipstick to suit the nail colour.
Hair – Not an everyday sort of thing, unless you play in a new wave punk band, but spray in hair dye can be the same vivid pink or yellow that we use for nails.
Glasses –Again, we won’t wear bright pink glasses and nails every day. But it’s a good option for a day at the beach, a Marti Gras, New Year party, or a colourful vacation.
Shoes – It’s not too hard to find some vivid coloured shoes, and we can match our nails to the same colours.
Outfit – A Bright yellow dress with bright yellow nails. Or a conservative black dress with black nails. It works with almost any colours, with anything from a formal to a comic look.
Jewellery – This is more subtle, but red rubies can go with red nail polish. Or try the colour of any jewels.

Nail stickers Australia
Nails stickers are all style with virtually no mess. Just attach the nails you want, and change them at the end of the working week, or whenever you need a change of fashion.

Accessorising with Instant Nails Australia

Accessorising with Instant Nails Australia

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