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Many of us like to have those perfect fingernails. And there are a few different ways to achieve this. one is growing our natural nails and painting them the right colour. But many of us find that our natural nails don’t behave the way we want. Else, we can have permanent artificial nails attached, but these take more time and effort than we realize, and we are stuck with the one option, at least for several months.

The easy alternative is Press-on adhesive nails.

What are Press on Nails
These are acrylic nails that simply press on your natural fingernails. They are pre-coloured with nail designs or nails with a uniform colour.

What are they popular?
Press on nails are so simple to use. You just neatly attach them to your own nails, and you’re done. Choose the design you like, and that’s your new nails.

What is the great advantage?
The nails last a week, and they they are replaced. So you can change the nails to suit the season, of the big event this week, or just to suit your mood.

Are there any chemicals?
Not really. These are the most chemical free nail option. You can nail polish remover to remove the nails. But that is about the only chemical involved.

Do they damage the natural nails?
No. they are safer than the alternatives. We suggest leaving the press on nails off for one day a week, so your natural nails can breathe.

Nail stickers Australia

Indulge yourself a little with Press on nails. No mess, no fuss. And change the nails to suit the occasion, the fashion, or just your mood.

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