Nail Stickers Australia

Popular Nail Stickers Australia

Nail Stickers Australia

Acrylic nails remain one of the most popular beauty treatments. This is for several reasons, most notably they look great, and they are so easy to use. Coloured or designer nails add a little personality to your appearance. This might suit the occasion, the dress sense, or simple a colour that suits your personality.

Stick on Acrylic nails are a little different to the traditional manicure. They are easy to apply, and are almost instant nails. The only slight difficulty is removing them. They need to be soaked and removed at the end of a week. But even this is a minor thing, taking less time than using nail polish.

Details about Nail Stickers Australia

There are some similarities between acrylic nails and gel nails. Both attach to the natural nail on our fingers, adding an extra layer that gives some extra strength. Acrylic nails are actually the stronger of the two options. This makes them more durable, and means the nails can be longer in length.

One benefit of these type of stick on nails is that there is no issue with chipping. The nails should not break. At worst, they come loose and fall off. They are very low maintenance. If we look after our natural nails (as we should anyway) then the acrylic nails should present no problems.

Stick on nails need to be removed at the end of the week, and the natural nails left exposed for a day so they can breathe properly. The stick on nails can be easily removed by soaking the fingertips in acetone for a few minutes.

Nail Stickers Australia

Acrylic stick on nails are the super easy, convenient option for stylish nails. Choose a nail design you like and simply attach them.

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