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Some Nail Concerns

Nail Stickers Australia

Almost all of us do something with our nails, or at least want to do something with them. At the very least we get a manicure, because we want the natural nails to look neat. But more often we want that coloured and styled look. This means either nail polish on our natural nails, which requires considerable upkeep. Or it means finding the right type of artificial nails. Artificial nails end up being more popular, because they give guaranteed results.

Nail Stickers are one of the most popular ways to get those great looking nails. And they achieve it with minimal effort.

Why Nail Stickers Australia?

Nail stickers are pre-made from acrylic, and pre-coloured, perhaps with an elaborate design. So it is a simple matter to find the style of press on nails you like from the wide range available, and then apply them when needed.

Press on Nails simply fit in place over a clean fingernail. The adhesive is on the back of the nail stickers, so you remove the plastic tap and put the nail in place.

Press on nails mean no need for nail polish, and no need to removes old polish. Your fingernails will need very little upkeep. You just reapply a new set of nails once per week, and give your natural nails some time to breath. The older set of nail sticker can be easily removed by soaking the ends of your fingers in acetone. Or if you prefer to avoid chemicals you can soak them in hot water. After about two weeks the older press on nails tend to come of on their own.

Nail Stickers Australia

Press on Nails give us the great nails we want with such little trouble. Change nails to suit the occasion, or just your mood.

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