Nail Stickers Australia

Various Artifical Nails

Nail Stickers Australia

There are many types of artificial nails. Longer nails, or at least attractive nails, always seem to be fashionable, so people find different ways to make their nails more attractive. Some individuals grow and paint their natural nails. But many more like the convenience and versatility of artificial nails like nail stickers.

Traditional Acrylic Nails

These are the option used for very long nails. They are strong and permanent. But they need to be applied by a nail technician.

Acrylic nails need to be shaped and decorated. And you are stuck with the choice you made, because the nails are bonded in place. Furthermore, there are some harsh chemicals involved in applying these nails, and they are quite heavy.

Gel Nails

These are a lightweight alternative to Acrylic. The gel material is lighter and glossier, and is applied with UV light rather than chemicals.

Gel looks great, but the nails are permanent. You cannot change them to suit the occasion. Furthermore, the UV light used is bad for the skin.

Nail Stickers Australia

Nail stickers look great and may be the most convenient type of artificial nail. They come pre-made, and simply fit into place on the natural nail with the adhesive on the back.

Nail stickers are not permanent. They are applied once per week, and then replaced. The advantage of this is that we can change the nail to suit our mood, or the occasion. Formal nails now and holiday nails next week – no problem.

Nail stickers do not need a technician. We simply order a set of nails and have them ready for when we need them.

Nail Stickers Australia

Have a selection of nail stickers on hand, so there will always be the right set of nails for any occasion.

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